Differences In Local Laws

The first step that should be taken when preparing to equip oneself to defend their home is the researching of local laws. The laws governing your location can differ greatly between states and cities. It is important that you not only know the laws within your state, but also the laws of your county and city as well. You always want to ensure that the law is on your side in any situation and that you are acting within your rights to protect yourself and your home. All too often many equip themselves for the defense of their home without doing the proper research on local laws, and pay for it later. Some states have banned the ownership and use of even non-lethal weapons like stun guns, including Hawaii, New Jersey, New York and Illinois.

There are numerous guides that are available to you that outline the differences in each state, and some websites will even provide links to the legislation that govern these rules and regulations. Although many of the laws are quite long, it is in your best interest to read through them and understand in full what is expected of you as far as ownership and actions in home defense go.

It may also be a good idea for you to contact your local politicians or local political offices for reading material on the subject. Often times the rights of individuals locally will be spelled out in an easy to read pamphlet that will at least provide you with a starting point for local gun laws. This reading material is also often handed out at gun shows and other events to raise awareness on the subject.

The first step in protecting yourself and your home is to be aware of the laws in place. Know what you are allowed to do in case you are ever required to defend your home and act within those laws and limitations for the best long term result.