Pump Action Shotguns

Pump action shotguns are some of the most popular weapons for home defense. A typical pump action shotgun will include a handgrip that is able to be pumped back and forth to not only eject the round of used ammunition, but to chamber a round that has not yet been used. Pump action shotguns are quite a bit faster than bolt action rifles, which makes them ideal for home defense. Not only are they quick to reload, they also allow the user to keep their trigger finger on the trigger throughout the entire process, which will allow them to fire off a second round quickly and easily.

The pump action style of gun provides the user with a number of advantages. The speed of each shot and the cycling time will be much quicker than other weapons, and in some cases may even be quicker than that of a semi-automatic rifle. They are also easily used by both right and left handed individuals, which is something that is not seen in a bolt action rifle. They are often recommended to ambidextrous individuals for their ease of use with both hands.

Pump action shotguns are most commonly fed from a tubular magazine. This magazine is usually located on the underside of the barrel. Each round enters the chamber through a port, where the round is pushed forward through the pumping action. The pump action will also free the latch in the magazine that keeps the rounds in the magazine until they are loaded into the chamber.

Typically, pump actions use a back and forth motion to cycle. The front end of the gun will be connected to the bolt by bars. Having two bars is considered to be more advantageous than having one, because there is a symmetrical force that is applied to the bolt. This ultimately reduces the risk that the gun will bind or jam, which is something that you need to keep in mind when you are preparing for home defense. By pulling back on the fore-end pump, which will then unlock the bolt, thus ejecting the empty shell from the chamber. The motion also cocks the hammer of the weapon, and the bars lift and push forward the new shell, lining it up with the barrel.

Pump action shotguns are considered to be among the best home defense weapons for a reason. They allow you to quickly ready the gun for action, and require very little fiddling with the weapon to shoot off a second round. This is ideal for situation when you must quickly fire to repel whatever hazard you are trying to defend your home from.

A number of different types of weapons commonly use pump action mechanisms. Shotguns are a very popular choice of home defense weapon, and two of the most popular home defense weapons, the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500 use pump action mechanisms. Both of these guns also have a feature that is called the trigger disconnecter. This removes the trigger from the sear as the bolt begins to move backward, and requires that the trigger be released before it is pulled back again to fire the weapon. This is a fairly common feature for the modern shotguns now, but many of the first pump action shotguns did not include this feature. There are, however, models that still do not include the trigger disconnector feature.

Having an auto-loading or pump action rifle would be ideal for situations that require home defense because they allow you to quickly fire a follow-up shot, and could potentially put you in a position to outshoot the identified threat. The ability to quickly fire round after round can be intimidating in a standoff and in some cases will also give you a mental advantage over the threat.

Keep in mind that shotguns and rifles are among the easiest weapons for an intruder to seize. Because of their size, if they are able to grab onto the barrel of the weapon, they can leverage it against you and rip it from your hands. This reason alone prompts many homeowners to choose a handgun for home defense purposes. If you own a lot of land, pump action rifles and shotguns might be the correct choice for you. If you do not, and the defense of your home would primarily consist of indoor firing, you might want to consider a handgun that meets your specifications. Some guns, which are specifically made for home defense, give you the option of installing a pistol grip buttstock. This will help ensure that weapon stays in your hands, as you have a firm grasp on the handle.

Also, keep in mind that you still have to aim to hit the target! All too often people will fire a shotgun or rifle from the hip, which is not the proper way to fire either gun.

Pump action rifles and shotguns are among the most popular weapons for home defense, and for a good reason. They allow you to quickly reload and fire, and are relatively easy to handle. However, before purchasing a pump action rifle, it is important that you know of the risks involved with using them for home defense as well.