Revolvers are the top-used gun for home defense, and for great reason. They provide the user with a number of advantages that give them the upper hand in close combat situations and close range firing. There are many different types of revolvers that are marketed specifically with home defense in mind. A few of the reasons revolvers are among the most popular weapons in home defense include:

  • Revolvers are ambidextrous. They allow the user to fire a shot from either hand comfortably. It is easy to see why this is a trait that would be advantageous in home defense situations. The ability to quickly fire a shot from any hand will come in handy, especially when you are fighting in close quarters.
  • Revolvers can sit loaded for many years. When a revolver is loaded, the springs inside the weapon are completely at rest. This allows you to place the revolver in the location of your choice, loaded, and ready for home defense with only a pull of the trigger.

There are numerous different types of revolvers. The most common type of revolver is the single action revolver, which is considered to be one of the best home defense guns. They require that you cock the weapon manually before pulling the trigger to fire the gun. They are a gun that is western style, and there are a number of popular models available that are marketed as home defense weapon.

Although single action revolvers are slow in terms of reloading time, they are very powerful. Single action revolvers are also very accurate, and still allow you to fire your first shot in only one to two motions. The ability to simply pick the gun up, cock it, and fire when necessary make it an advantageous choice for individuals that are looking to defend their home.

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Single action revolvers also provide a certain level of safety. Because the guns will not fire until they have been cocked, it makes it harder for you to accidentally fire the weapon. You will have to consciously ready the weapon to fire beforehand. They also allow you to rapidly fire with a two handed hold, with one of the hands cocking the gun consistently with the thumb, while the other hand pulls on the trigger, firing the weapon. Although these weapons are considered among the best for home defense, they are typically recommended to advanced users and not for casual individuals who are looking to defend their home.

Another type of revolver, the double action revolver, is a gun that is commonly referred to as a "police style" revolver because a number of models, including the Colt Python and Smith and Wesson Model 10 are often used by military personnel and by police. Double action revolvers only require one action to fire a shot, which makes them an excellent choice for individuals that are looking to protect their home.

Double action revolvers provide the most accurate shots of any home defense weapon at a moment's notice. With one long pull of the trigger, the gun with both cock and release the hammer, firing the shot. This often requires that you pull more forcefully on the trigger to cock, but does allow the gun to quickly fire a shot. You will also have the ability to shoot as rapidly as necessary, until the time to reload comes. The accuracy of these weapons is above average, and are great for short shooting distances that are often provided in home defense situations.

Double action revolvers are also considered among the safest options to keep in the home. While they do not require you to cock the hammer yourself, they do require that you pull quite hard on the trigger in order to fire. Therefore these guns don't require the same safety triggers as the single action revolers. Revolvers in general, are quite hard to jam, which is something that you should look for in home defense situations.

Above all, revolvers are reliable. When the time comes, you want your home defense weapon to operate as advertised, and quickly help you to gain control of the situation. Revolvers also do not put you at as much risk as a rifle or shotgun, which can have their barrels leveraged against you in a close range fight, and even taken from you. Both single action and double action revolvers are excellent for home defense, but double action revolvers are most commonly recommended to novices because they only require that you pick up the gun, and pull the trigger to fire. They may not be the most powerful, but their speed, ease of use and their reliability combined have made revolvers the premiere weapon for home defense in most cases.