Rifles are popular weapons, but in many cases may be slightly underpowered for the purpose of home defense. Many people own .22 caliber hunting rifles that double as their home defense weapon as well. Of course, having any weapon for home defense is better than nothing, but .22s, and especially a rimfire .22 rifle, may not inflict enough damage to properly protect yourself.

Keep in mind that an intruder can easily grab the barrel of a rifle and leverage it against you to gain control of the weapon and the situation at hand. This can easily turn the tide of the situation and place you in harm's way. The most violent of intruders then have your own weapon to use against you, which is a situation that no one should put themselves in. A .22 caliber hunting rifle is not one of the best home defense weapons, but is great for protecting ones property. If you live in an area where wildlife constantly threatens your security at home, a .22 caliber rifle is something that you may want to look into.

Although .22 caliber rifles are not up to the standards of home defense (there are better alternatives as described below), there are a number of rifles that do pack enough power to secure the home. Keep in mind that any rifle that you choose can be leveraged against you, and is quite easy for the threat to snatch if they are within close enough range.

Centerfire rifles are generally viewed as solid home defense guns in open areas. One thing that you do have to watch out for with centerfire rifles and other deer rifles is that they may possess too much power. Their rounds will tear through walls, and will penetrate surfaces that other bullets wouldn't, which can be dangerous to individuals in other rooms, as well as neighbors. These weapons are only recommended to individuals who live a ways away from the nearest neighbor, or could potentially be defending their homes in open areas. The common .30-30 lever action carbine deer rifle makes an excellent ranch defense rifle; it is handy, easily outranges a .44 or .357 rifle, hits much harder and is far more useful against large predators. Centerfire bullets are advantageous in some situations because they are highly lethal, and rifles are easier for even a novice gun user to shoot accurately, allowing them to inflict a higher rate of damage per shot.

The Art Of The Rifle

Although rifles really should never be your only option when it comes to home defense, in dire situations they may be your only options. In these cases, it is best to have a low powered, carbine length rifle. These types of rifles are commonly made by Winchester and Marlin, and often use .357 Magnums or .44 Magnums.

Mostly, rifles should be the choice of individuals that own farms or ranches and are looking to protect their property in general, and not just their home. Their range allows you to work with the distances between you and the threat, but can often hinder you in tight combat situations.

It is important that before deciding on a rifle, you take a good look at the property that you will be defending. One of the most important parts of defending one's home is that they are properly equipped for the challenge. Attempting to fight in close quarters with a weapon that is ideal for long range firing is not something that will be advantageous for you. Take note of the areas of threat. Is there a gate that someone or something could potentially come in from? Are any of your doors easily kicked in? Are the windows fastened securely in place and are there any cracks? Is there a barn that you would potentially be looking to defend? Taking stock of the property you want to protect is the first step that you should take before looking into a rifle. With so many different types of rifles available to you, you must first identify the locations that have the potential for the greatest risk.

A popular choice of home defense rifles are carbines that are equipped with red dot optical sight. Because the red dot should be visible in even the worst of conditions, they allow you to quickly identify the target, and take aim. They are also a great deal more accurate than other scope solutions. Iron sights are also ideal for some home defense situations, because they allow you to quickly aim and fire even when the lighting is not in your favor.

Although rifles are not always the ideal choice for home defense, they do have their pros and cons and can be advantageous in some situations.