Semi-Auto Pistols

Semi-automatic pistols are among the most popular types of guns for home defense. They are excellent for firing indoors and close quarters combat. They are also able to be concealed nearly anywhere, leaving many unaware that you actually have a firearm on you. Should the situation come to a struggle for the gun, they are the easiest to hang on to, which gives them an upper hand over rifles and shotguns which can have their barrel leveraged against you, and the gun taken from you. That fact alone makes semi-automatic pistols a great option for individuals that are looking to protect their home.

Semi-automatic pistols also allow you to fire from either hand, given an emergency. There is a reason why most of the world's military organizations choose to carry semi-automatic pistols with them. They are also the standard issue weapon of most police forces across the world.

Some of the more popular semi-automatic pistols include the Beretta M92 and the Rutger P series. These weapons are popular because the guns can be stored with the chamber loaded and the safety off, given the right situation. In the event that home defense is required, you will want to be able to quickly grab the weapon and fire. This is a feature that is present in auto-loading and semi-automatic pistols as well as double action revolvers, which are also commonly used for home defense.

There are a number of reasons why you should look into semi-automatic pistols for home defense, including:

  • Their ability to hold more cartridges. The average semi-automatic pistol will hold ten rounds. This is four more shots than you will have with an ordinary revolver, which equates to four more chances to subdue the threat. This comes in handy in indoors firing, when multiple rounds might have to be used before you are able to hit your target.
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  • They are faster to reload. Provided that a pre-loaded magazine is in the area, semi- automatic pistols are faster to reload than a revolver. Of course, if you have to reload from a box of loose ammunition, it will take quite a bit of extra time for you to reload. These situations are only present when you have an empty pistol. Although these weapons are able to reload quickly, which allow you to rapidly fire; you want to remember that the object here is not to spray shots as quickly as possible, but rather to hit your intended target. Taking the time to aim is something that should always be done in home defense situations.

Unfortunately, as with any weapon, there are a number of attributes of semi-automatic pistols that are disadvantageous to the user as well:

  • Semi-automatic pistols are more likely to jam than other weapons. While they may provide the user with quicker reloading, the user must always worry about the possibility of a jam when defending their home. Revolvers are known for their reliability. Semi-automatic pistols are more prone to jamming if you shoot through objects at a close range (particularly cloth), or fire with an insecure hold.
  • The springs are compressed because semi-automatic pistols are magazine fed. Unlike revolvers, which can sit and storage for years at a time without needing to be meddled with, and be removed at the right time and relied upon to fire a shot, auto-loading pistols must have their magazines rotated at least once per month. Leaving a magazine in the weapon for a long period of time will cause the springs to lack the pressure that is required to feed cartridges, which could ultimately lead to the weapon jamming. This means that you will constantly have to clean and rotate your magazines to ensure that the gun is ready to be used at the right time.

Typically, because of the drawbacks, these guns are not recommended for novice users and instead are recommended for experienced gun users. They do provide a number of advantages in terms of reloading time, but the fact that they are just not as reliable as other weapons makes them less than the best choices for home defense in most cases. Semi-automatic weapons do provide you with a weapon hat is easy to hang on to, and given that they are fired correctly (and not with a limp wrist), and are cared for properly, jamming is still unlikely.

You also must take your home and land into account when choosing a weapon for home defense. Identify the entrances to your home that pose the greatest risk, and determine the weapon that will give you the greatest advantage over intruders. The most important thing is that you become familiar with the gun that you choose, inside and out, so that you can quickly thwart dangerous situations and use the gun as it was intended; for home defense.