Proper Home Weapon Storage

The proper storage of your home defense weapon of choice is a critical part in the process of home defense. In most cases, you should keep the weapon out of plain sight. The problem with this is that in an emergency, you will want quick access to the gun without having to fidget with a complicated lock or dig through boxes. The location that you choose should only be known to the individuals who could potentially handle the weapon. Keep in mind that anyone who knows where the gun is stored should already have gone through the proper weapon handling training, and should be well aware of how to safely handle the weapon.

The first thing that you have to take into consideration with gun storage is children. Even if they know how to handle the gun, they really should not have access to the gun safe or gun cabinet while they are young. Individuals with children in the home will just have to accept that they must keep their weapons behind lock and key at all times to avoid any accidents. It is important that if your children know where the guns are kept, that they are also made aware that they are not allowed to go there without you around.

There are numerous types of storage containers. A gun rack is an excellent way to ensure that you have easy access to your gun. Gun racks can come without a lock, but there are also locking gun racks. Today, there are numerous types of technology that can keep your guns quite safe, including thumbprint readers that will only allow a select few to open the gun rack, gun cabinet, or gun safe.

The gun safe is the safest place to store your weaponry, and ensures that they are only removed when you would like them to be. Gun safes are, in most cases, fire resistant, and are nearly impossible to open without the combination. Keep in mind that in an emergency a gun safe will make for one extra step that you must take to have the weapon in your hands.

Although you want to keep your family safe in the event that home defense is necessary, keep in mind that the vast majority of the time there will be no need to have the guns accessible without a combination or lock, and your family's safety should always be the first priority on your list.